Frequent Problems of UV Integrating Radiometer that Be Used for Long Time

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UV Integrating Radiometer will be used for a long time what problems will appear

Nowadays, more and more industries that use of UV Integrating Radiometer, so UV Integrating Radiometer is widely in use, domestic and imported products in the quality is uneven, but the price is not low, generally ranging from thousands to tens of thousands, for such products customers will be long-term use, but after used for long time, will always happen problems, and now let’s  share you with the frequent problems:

UV Integrating Radiometers

1: While use 2 UV Integrating Radiometers measure the same tube, why measured value is out of the data deviation so much?

A: First, confirm whether the instrument's spectral range and wavelength is the same. Different wavelength of the UV Integrating Radiometer, its measured data have deviation. Second, to confirm whether the units of the 2 UV Integrating Radiometers is same, the unit is not the same caused the comparison difference. Frequently in use of energy unit is j/cm2 and mj/cm2, Frequently in use of intensity unit is w/cm2 and mw/cm2, the conversion formula for j/cm2=1000mj/cm2, 1w/cm2=1000mw/cm2;

2: Why do the 2 UV Integrating Radiometers measure the energy value is not the same?

A: The energy value is accumulated data, it’s the product accumulation of intensity and time, in the intensity of a certain situation, but also to determine the time is consistent, the length of time can affect how much of the energy value.

3: Why the foreign UV Integrating Radiometer after in the domestic calibration, but use abnormally?

A: That's since the different calibration standards of domestic and abroad, the calibration base of the instrument is also different while leave manufacture. For domestic UV Integrating Radiometer, fluctuations in the range of ±10% can be acceptable. For imported one, fluctuations in the range of ±30% can be acceptable. So when the UV Integrating Radiometer requires to calibrate, shall send back to the original manufacture for calibrate (usually once per year), instead of send to Institute of Metrology, since the Institute of Metrology can only calibrate how much your instrument deviated with the standard value, but can't be calibrated to the original value. 

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