Linshang Film Thickness Gauge Method: How to Perform Zero Adjustment

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Shenzhen Linshang Technology's film thickness gauges are instruments that do not need to be calibrated. They only need to perform zero adjustment before the first measurement or after the base material is replaced. Let's take the LS223 film thickness gauge as an example:
    Zero adjustment operation method of LS223
film thickness gauge:
       1. First press the instrument probe onto the zeroing substrate.
       2. Press the red button of the instrument and the instrument screen will display “Please press the probe.”
       3. After 2 seconds, the instrument displays "Please lift up the probe higher than 15cm".
       4. When the instrument displays 0.0μm, it indicates that the instrument has been zeroed successfully.

LS223 film thickness gauge

Note: When performing the zero adjustment, please press it vertically on the zero substrate and when performing zero adjustment, please keep the probe stable.
    After the zero adjustment is complete, you can start the test directly.



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