Portable Light Transmittance Meter for Solar Film

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 The main function of the car's solar film is sun protection, energy saving, safety and explosion protection. Apply a protective film to the car glass to shield the sun from the sun. The portable light transmittance meter can detect the solar film quality before the owner pastes the film. We can also use the portable light transmittance meter to detect various optical properties after the car film is applied, including the heat insulation rate the UV transmittance and visible light transmittance.

Therefore, it is imperative for the owners to use the portable light transmittance meter to detect various types of solar films when they choose the solar film. The quality of the solar film can be known by measuring with a dedicated inspection instrument. Especially for automotive windshield, light transmittance is one of the most important safety factors. 

LS110 portable light transmittance

The Linshang LS110 portable light transmittance meter is a light transmittance test instrument for detecting the front windshield of the car. The instrument consists of a host and an auxiliary machine. The main function is measurement and display and the auxiliary function is measurement and laser alignment.

The LS110 portable light transmittance meter consists of three channels visible light and the display value is visible light transmittance (average of three measurement data). The test principle of the instrument is to use the visible light source to illuminate the measured transparent substance.