How to Use UV Radiation Meter to Detect the Power of the UVC Light Source?

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Linshang technology, as an advanced manufacturer , independently developed a series of UV meters , which applied in different industries. The LS126C UV radiation is one of them which is used to  measure UVC intensity. Linshang LS126C UV radiation meter is widely applied in hospitals, CDC, pharmaceutical companies, FDA, etc for UV intensity measurement. Many users have purchased the Linshang LS126C UV radiation meter, but they are not clear how to use it.
    Today, we will introduce the operation method of the Linshang
LS126C UV radiation meter.

uv light measurement
uv light measurement

1. Pull the tie rod of the meter completely (1 m).
      2. Hold the probe on the pull rod (do not shake it at random after the suction, to prevent the probe from falling), so that the probe sensor can be vertically pointed to the measured UV light source.
      3. Hook the UV radiation meter in the center of the test UV disinfection lamp.
      4. Turn on the switch of the instrument, place the instrument on the hook base and turn on the UV lamp to start the test.
      5. The instrument has a 10-minute automatic shutdown function. 6. After the measurement is completed, pull back the UV radiation meter rod and take off the probe, turn off the power.



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