Manufacturer of First-Grade Paint Gloss Meter

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Linshang technology as a paint gloss meter manufacturer, specializing in the production of LS191 and LS192 paint gloss meter. The instrument is composed of a host and a base, the host contains the display, the switch key and the USB interface; The base is also the standard board.
    The LS191 and LS192 are 60 degree paint gloss meters which are used to measure medium gloss inks, paints, plastics, marble, ceramics, wood products, paper, etc.
    The  range of Linshang LS191 paint gloss meter is 0-200GU, the range of LS192 paint gloss meter is 0-1000GU. If you need to measure the surface with high metal reflectivity, it is generally recommended to use LS192
paint gloss meter.

paint gloss meter

The LS191 and LS192 of the gloss meter manufacturer are in compliance with the requirements of the first-class working machine. Some parameters of LS191 and LS192:
      1. Repeatability: 0-100: ± 0.2GU, 100-200: ± 0.2%
      2. Reproducibility: 0-100: ±0.5GU, 100-200: ±0.5%
      3, zero value error: 0.1GU
      4. Indication error: 0-100: ±1.5GU, 100-200: ±1.5%
    It can be seen that LS191 and LS192 are in compliance with the first-class machine standard. In addition, the Linshang technology can provide customers the inspection instrument of the first-level working machine and the instrument can meet the national standard.