The Principle of Gloss Meter for Marble

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 The gloss meter for marble has four different measuring angles of 20 degree, 45 degree, 60 degree and 85 degree, of which 60 degree is the universal angle. Here we will introduce the measuring principle of the 60 degree gloss meter for marble.

LS192 gloss meter for marble

The Linshang LS192 gloss meter for marble is a universal 60 degree angle and a large range of 0-1000GU. It can be used in paints, decorative materials, building materials, plastic materials, etc. Gloss measurement of the material and products surface in many fields such as products, film paper, printing inks, automobile maintenance, molding dies, metal plating, etc. The LS192 gloss meter for marble can record measurement data and calculate the maximum, minimum, average values and standard deviation of the measurement and display it directly on the screen.