Ultraviolet Radiometer for Laboratory Use

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UV is the abbreviation of English Ultraviolet Rays, namely ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet (UV) is invisible. It is a piece of electromagnetic radiation other than visible purple light. The wavelength range is 10~400nm. Currently, it is mainly divided into UVC band of 200nm~280nm and UVB band of 290nm of 320nm, UVA band 320nm 400nm. Different bands have different effects. UVC band is used for UV sterilization, UVA band is used for UV curing, UVA and UVB bands are used in aging experiments use. The laboratory will choose different light sources of different ultraviolet band based on their needs. The Linshang LS125 ultraviolet radiometer can be adapted to nine different probes.

ultraviolet radiometer

LS125 Ultraviolet radiometer

However, the ultraviolet light measurement needs to select the appropriate instrument according to the specific conditions of the light source. Since so many different light sources will be used, if each light source is equipped with one UV radiometer, the resources will be seriously wasted. The different 9 probes of Linshang LS125 ultraviolet radiometer can be used in different industries. Customers can choose the probe according to their needs, one host can identify nine probes.

Linshang Technology as an uv meter manufacturer also provide UV-C meter that can measure uvc light radiation intensity and view the data via Bluetooth.  To know more about information, please feel free to contact us: sales21@linshangtech.com.



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