Use UVC Meter to Detect the Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp

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2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In less than two months, the country was swept up by a sudden new crown virus. According to the newly released "Quick Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of New Coronavirus Pneumonia", 75% alcohol and ether , Chloroform, formaldehyde, chlorine-containing disinfectants, peracetic acid and ultraviolet light can inactivate the virus. Soon, all kinds of sterilization and protective products on the market were sold out quickly and even the sales of ultraviolet germicidal lamps began to rise.
       However, the quality of ultraviolet germicidal lamps in the market is uneven. Not all ultraviolet rays have germicidal functions. Not all germicidal ultraviolet lamps can reach the standard sterilization intensity. The irradiation intensity of ultraviolet lamps is closely related to the sterilization effect. Therefore, from a professional point of view, the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamps also needs to be equipped with a professional uvc meter to ensure its efficacy.

uvc meter

UV germicidal lamp is also called ultraviolet germicidal lamp, which is a kind of sterilizing lamp using ultraviolet germicidal effect. The common ultraviolet germicidal lamp radiates ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 253.7nm, because the ultraviolet rays in this band have the strongest sterilizing ability and can be used to sterilize water, air, clothing, etc.

The specifications of UV germicidal lamps used in different occasions are different. For example, the most common ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the hospital is a 30W straight tube, which is mainly used for disinfection (mainly air disinfection) and infecting patients in places that require a high environmental index, such as wards, operating rooms and mobile medical service vehicles. 

According to the data of "WST 367-2012 Medical Institution Disinfection Technical Specification" A.3 Monitoring the effect of ultraviolet disinfection, we know that using an uv-c meter to measure UV-C light intensity. After turning on the UV germicidal lamp for 5min, place the uvc meter probe with a measurement wavelength of 253.7nm at the center of the 1m vertical distance under the UV germicidal lamp. The special UV lamp should be measured at the recommended distance. The data shown is the irradiance value of the UV lamp.

For ordinary 30W straight tube type UV lamps, the irradiation intensity of the new lamp should meet the requirements of GB 19258, as follows: The use of ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity ≥70μW / cm2 is qualified; 30W high-intensity ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity ≥ 180μW / cm2 is qualified.

At present, many UV germicidal lamps sold online claim that the life of the lamp tube is as high as 8000 hours or even longer. Based on the above, we believe that you have also learned the relevant information of the UV lamp. There is no sterilization effect when the lamp intensity is not up to standard. For some large occasions that need to be sterilized, such as hospitals, schools and factories, it is recommended to buy a professional uv-c meter to ensure the sterilization effect of UV germicidal lamps.