Densitometer LS117 Test the Transmittance of Switchable Glass

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 Switchable glass is also commonly referred to as atomized glass, electronically controlled glass. It is a glass that adjusts light line of sight by electrically controlling the dimming film of liquid crystal molecules.
   The light transmittance of the switchable glass has always been the focus of major manufacturers and users. The light transmittance is different when the power is on or off. The
densitometer LS117 can be used to test the light transmittance of the switchable glass. The light transmittance data will be very low when using ordinary densitometer. Especially when the switchable glass is not energized, the glass is milky white, ground or foggy. We advice the customers to use Linshang LS117 densitometer. The diffuse transmission principle of this meter can replace the integrating sphere function. 

Linshang LS117 densitometer test the glass

1. When the switchable glass is turned off. The light transmittance is less than 1% when the power is off.
   2. When the switchable glass is connected to the power supply
   The light transmittance is greater than 80% when energized.
   Different switchable glass have different light transmittance and the Linshang
densitometer LS117 will help you know the light transmittance of the switchable glass.



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