Insulated Glass Measuring Tool for Curtain Wall

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Glass curtain wall is decorative structure. It generally has three structures: single-layer glass, double-layer glass or triple-layer glass. The more the number of glass layers, the better the sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance and frost resistance.
     Modern high-rise glass curtain walls generally use insulating glass composed of mirror glass and ordinary glass and the compartment is filled with dry air or inert gas. The insulating glass has two layers and three layers. According to measurements, when the outdoor temperature is -10 ° C, the temperature of the single-layer glass window is -2 ° C. And the indoor temperature of the three-layer insulating glass is 13 ° C. In the summer, the sun can pass through the glass curtain wall, but the indoor temperature is very low. Because the hollow glass curtain wall can block 90% of the sun's infrared rays.
     Some people still use vernier caliper to measure the glass. However, for an insulating glass with an air layer, the vernier caliper cannot detect the thickness of the air layer. For the inspection of hollow glass curtain wall, it is still necessary to use the professional instrument -LS201
insulated glass measuring tool.

LS201 insulated glass measuring tool
Linshang LS201 insulated glass measuring tool measure the insulated glass

The LS201 insulated glass measuring tool uses the principle of laser reflection to detect the thickness of the insulated glass on one side of the glass. It can be used in applications where hollow glass or laminated glass of various sizes and thicknesses, or where conventional tools such as vernier calipers cannot detect.