UVC Light Intensity Meter For UV Germicidal Lamp

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Many customers in the medical device industry will ask, what is the difference between UVC light intensity meter LS126C and ultraviolet radiation meter  LS125.In fact, there are two main differences between the two-channel ultraviolet radiation meter LS125 and the UVC light intensity meter LS126C.

1. First: the application industry

Dual channel ultraviolet radiation meter LS125, one host can be equipped with 9 different bands of probes. This meter is suitable for customers who need to test UVC, UVA, UVB bands. Such as UV curing, lithography exposure, hospital physiotherapy lamps, water treatment germicidal lamps, pharmaceutical delivery windows. The UVC light intensity meter LS126C can only test UV germicidal lamps in the UVC band with larger measurement range. The LS126C UVC light intensity meter is mainly used in disease control centers, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, food and drug administrations and other institutions.

ls126C UVC light intensity meter

2. Second, measurement range

The dual channel ultraviolet radiation meter LS125 consists of a host and nine different band probes. Different probes respond to different wavelengths.

The UVC light intensity meter LS126C is composed of a 1M long probe line with the host. The intensity of the hospital germicidal tube can be directly tested without installing the prob

In addition, after one year of use, the customers can send their LS126C UVC light intensity meter back to the factory and we will provide the customers free calibration service.   Linshang LS125+UVCLED-X0 probe UVC light meter is used to test the uv irradiation intensity (UV dose) of the UVC LED light sources.

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