Which Brand of UV Energy Meter is Best?

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UV energy meter is often used to detect the UV intensity and energy value of UV lamps in curing machines and exposure machines. It is a very professional testing instrument. At present, the main energy meter brands are EIT, ORC, Kuhnast/UV-Design and Linshang. Regarding which brand of UV energy meter is the best, we can't offer an exact response. After all, the characteristics and functions of different brands of energy meters are similar. Below we will briefly introduce several UV energy meters of major brands.

UV energy meter

1. EIT UV Power Puck

EIT is a professional testing equipment manufacturer in the United States. The UV Energy Meter currently developed and produced by the company is mainly disc type, which is divided into single-band and quad-band types. The four-band UV Power Puck II can be used to measure the UV intensity and energy values of the four bands UVA, UVB, UVC and UVV. The sampling speed of the instrument is 2000 times/second. In addition, the latest LEDCure is a single-band energy meter, mainly used to detect the energy and intensity values of UV LED sources. In addition to displaying UV intensity and energy values, power curves can also be displayed and data can be transferred to the PC for analysis.

2. ORC UV Energy Meter

ORC is a Japanese manufacturer of optical products offering a wide range of industrial lamps and inspection equipment. The UV energy meter provided by the company can be divided into two types: integrated and split type, mainly for single-band measurement. The spectral response range of UV-351 energy meter is 310-385nm, which is mainly used for curing machine and exposure machine of 365nm. Test the UV lamp intensity and energy value of the device.

3. Kuhnast/UV-Design UV integrator

Kuhnast/UV-Design are German manufacturer of UV measuring equipment. The company's common UV energy meter models are UV-Integrator 140, 14 and 150 models, all of which are disc-shaped, the spectrum of these three UV energy meters. The response range is 250-410nm. It is mainly used to measure the energy value of traditional UV mercury lamps. It is suitable for UV dryers, UV exposure machines and other equipment.

4. Linshang UV Energy Meter

Linshang is a professional testing instrument company in China. The UV energy meters are mainly divided into two types: integrated and split type. According to the type of UV light source measured, it can also be divided into high pressure mercury lamp and UV LED.

Among them, LS120, LS130 and split LS125 with UVA probe have a spectral response curve of 320-400nm, which is mainly used for the detection of intensity and energy value of traditional UV curing lamps; and LS128, LS131, LS126A and split LS125 with UVALED or UVALED-X1 probe has a spectral response curve of 340-420nm, which is mainly used to detect the intensity and energy detection of LED light source in UV curing, UV printing and other industries. The sampling speed can be up to 2048 times / sec, support USB data transmission and PC software test report generation. The LS120 and LS128 disc UV energy meters also display power and temperature profiles.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the UV energy meter on the market. Each user will have a different answer to the question about which brand of UV energy meter is best. In fact, the stability and consistency of the UV energy meter data is critical, and this feature must be used before it can be realized. 

For more information about the UV energy meter, please refer to https://www.linshangtech.com/tech/tech596.html