What Optical Properties Should We Test With Window Tint Meter ?

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 A good window film can not only be explosion-proof, but also provide a relatively safe driving environment for the driver. But choosing a relatively good explosion-proof membrane is not a simple matter.
     The Chinese government also clearly stipulates that the light transmittance of the automobile film should reach 70% to meet the requirements. If you do not know whether the film is up to standard, the most reliable method is to verify the quality of the car film through the data tested by the
window tint meter LS110A.
     What data should we test after the car is filmed?
        1. Light transmittance 
     The light transmittance especially on the front windshield should be tested. The Chinese traffic safety law stipulates that the visible light transmittance of the front glass film after filming must be greater than 70%. If the light transmittance is too low, it will cause blurred vision when driving and seriously reduce the safety factor of driving. When testing automotive film, the light transmittance of the explosion-proof film must be tested.
        2. The infrared blocking rate
     The infrared blocking rate of the explosion-proof membrane, that is, the thermal insulation performance. Whether it is summer or winter, it is also necessary to affix the explosion-proof membrane, which is to prevent the window glass from bursting due to the influence of temperature. The higher the infrared blocking rate, the more solar heat is blocked, which can reduce the use of air conditioners and achieve environmental protection.

LS110A window tint meter

3. UV blocking rate 
    The greater the intensity of ultraviolet radiation, it will seriously damage the skin. It may even cause dizziness and headache. Ultraviolet light also accelerates the aging and fading of interior jewelry. Therefore, the high-quality explosion-proof membrane UV blocking rate can reach more than 95% and can be easily identified by using the
window tint meter LS110A.
   The Linshang LS110A window tint meter can test the visible light transmittance at 550nm, IR rejection rate at 950nm and UV rejection rate at 365nm, so that you can put the explosion-proof film on the car with more confidence.



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