Best Paint Thickness Measuring Device For Sales

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Paint thickness is a key factor when evaluating the value of the used car. If the car paint has been repainted and sheet metal has been made, the used car must have had an accident. How can we find the repair part of the used car quicklly? Let's find the answer. Generally, the automobile body has three types of pillars: the A pillar (front pillar), the B pillar (middle pillar) and the C pillar (rear pillar). The three pillars are sequentially arranged from the front to the rear. It is also an essential inspection item for the car inspection by the paint thickness measuring device.

1. Functions of ABC Pillar

In the body structure of an ordinary car, the position and shape of the ABC pillars related to the overall layout, safety and driving comfort of the vehicle. It can not only serves to support the cockpit roof, but also can protect the driver. LS220 paint thickness measuring device as a professional instrument can detect the paint thickness of the three pillars .

LS220 paint thickness measuring device

2. How to measure the paint thickness of the ABC pillars?

Next, let's test the car's ABC pillars with the LS220 paint thickness measuring device:

  • The A-pillar is located between the engine compartment and the cockpit, above the rear view mirrors.

  • The B-pillar, located between the front and rear seats of the cockpit, is the pillar between the two doors on either side, extending from the roof to the bottom of the car.

  • The C-pillar, located on either side of the rear seat headrest.

However, like the travel sedan and the extended SUV, there is also a D-pillar. The D-pillar is at the junction of the rear small window and the rear windshield.

3. The necessity of measuring the paint thickness of ABC pillars

The detection of the ABC pillars of the car body is an important indicator for judging whether it is an accident car. If the ABC pillars have repair marks such as metal plate or paint repair. It means that a large accident may happened with the car.

If the value of the ABC pillars paint surface of the car was normal tested with the paint thickness measuring device LS220. It indicates that there was no serious car accident and the structure of the car body was not damaged.