The Scope and Role of the Automotive Paint Meter

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The automotive paint meter is mainly used in the used car industry. Whether the car has an accident directly affects the value of the car. There are many safety hazards in accident vehicles. The main function of the automotive paint meter is to help us judge whether it is an accident car by measuring the paint thickness.

1. What is sheet metal painting?

Sheet metal painting refers to the car that deforms its shape through oxygen, electric welding, poles and other methods to restore the car into prototype. And some other actions also need to be adopted such as putting putty, water sandpaper, spray gray primer, dust-free baking room, spray paint, etc.

LS220b automotive paint meter
Automotive paint meter test the car paint thickness

2. Use the automotive paint meter to detect the sheet metal paint thickness

We know that it is almost impossible to restore the paint film value of the car to the original value after the car accident. Moreover, the thick film will make people feel very turbid and the color of the film is not bright. If the paint film is too thin, the brightness of the paint surface will be insufficient and the paint color will be dark. We know that the roof is generally the least accessible place. Therefore, we generally use the car roof paint thickness as a reference value. 

3. Automotive Paint Meter

When testing the paint thickness, we recommend the Linshang LS220 or LS220B automotive paint meter. The reasons are as follows:

  1. There are magnetic and non-magnetic substrates on the top of the car, and even his front and rear bumpers are made of plastic. The LS220 and LS220B automotive paint meters have an automatic recognition mode. The above two substrates and materials can be automatically identified. The instrument uses the measurement principle of Fe: (Hall effect) and NFe (Eddy- eddy current).

  2. The probe is made of ruby material for durability.

  3. Unique button, easy to operate, no calibration required, just zero adjustment.

  4. With temperature compensation function. Make sure the automotive paint meter sensing signal is more stable.

  5. Automatic identification and automatic conversion.