Difference between LS125 +E395 and LS128 UV Energy Meter

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At present, there are very few ultraviolet energy meters dedicated to measuring UV LED light source in the market. But Linshang Technology has two products dedicated to the measurement of UV LED light source, that is, LS128 UV energy meter and LS125 multiple probe UV light meter with E395 ultraviolet probe, different design to meet the needs of various occasions of measurement.
       The traditional UV energy meter is commonly used to measure high-pressure mercury lamps, but the spectral curves of LED light source and mercury lamp vary greatly, so the traditional UV energy meter does not fit UV LED light source. However, with the development of UV curing applications, LED light source curing is more and more extensive. Then the professional UV LED light source energy meter is also essential.
       According to the user's different testing requirements, Linshang Technology has researched several products suitable for testing UV LED light source, LS128 Ultraviolet Energy Meter and LS125 Multi-probe UV light meter with E395 UV probe. 
       So what are the similarities and differences between the two instruments?

UV energy meter

       1. Spectral response range: 340nm-420nm, calibrated at 395nm
       2. Power range: 0-20000mW/cm2, energy range: 0-999999mJ/cm2
       3. Accuracy: ±10%
       4. Power supply: 2 AAA alkaline Dry Batteries
       5. With automatic and manual measurement modes
       6. Linshang Patented Products

UV light meter

       1. Appearance:
LS128 UV energy meter is designed with integrative structure, suitable to be put on the conveyor belt to measure the UV LED light source, after the test,we can view the data on the screen; LS125 UV light meter is split instruments, the probe can be selected according to different requirements. It’s suitable for fixing in one place and test, and it allows to view at the data while measuring
       2. Function: LS125+E395 can measure power and energy value, LS128 can measure power, energy, temperature and test time, it can display temperature and power curve, also can connect computer to print test report.
       3. Resolution: LS125+E395 ultraviolet probe resolution: 0.1mW/cm2. LS128 UV Energy Meter resolution: 1mW/cm2
       These are the similarities and differences of the two UV energy meter. Please consult us if you have any questions. 
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