The Preservation and Precautions of LS125 UV Light Meter

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Linshang LS125 UV Irradiation Meter is a professional instrument used to detect the luminous intensity of ultraviolet light. With seven types of UV probes to choose from, this meter can be used in various fields such as UVA,UVB,UVC.etc. When you plan to purchase, please do not purchase the host machine separately, the Linshang LS125 UV Light Meter must cooperate with the Linshang UV probe. The preservation and precautions of the Linshang LS125 ultraviolet radiation meter are described below.

UV light meter

Preservation and precautions of the instrument:
       1. Please don’t use brute force to install the probe, once you find the plug of probe can not be inserted into the meter, please adjust the position and try again.
       2. When plugging out the probe, make sure not to violently rotate and pull the connector, but plug out the plug by the way as shown in the following diagram.
       3. Please don’t touch the detector on the probe.
       4. Please don’t wrap the cable between the probe and the host meter. 
       5. When the instrument is not in use, press "POWER" key to turn off the machine. Put the instrument into aluminum packing box after powering it off 
       6. Avoid contact with corrosive agents and prevent from high temperature and high humidity environment.
       7. As the UV probe is sensitive to the humidity change, The storage environment is very important to the probe. When the instrument is not used for a long time, make sure to put the probe in a low humidity environment.
       8. The instrument probe is equipped with the magnet at its back side, by which the instrument can be attached to the iron plate for convenient fixation.
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