Paint Thickness Gauge with Bluetooth for Secondhand Car

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Customers often ask about the Bluetooth data transmission of paint thickness gauge. Now we have developed a paint thickness gauge with Bluetooth. Linshang Paint thickness gauge is mainly used by second-hand car merchants, so the LS220 and LS220B are specially designed for the second-hand car.

The difference between LS220 and LS220B is whether it has Bluetooth data transmission function. B is the initial letter of Bluetooth. It is obvious that LS220B is the latest model with Bluetooth data transmission function. Through Bluetooth transmission, multiple sets of data measured by the paint thickness gauge can be transmitted to the mobile APP, and test reports can be generated, and then shared to others or printed test reports through a platform such as WeChat.

The LS220B paint thickness gauge with Bluetooth is equipped with a mobile APP that contains 17 inspection items, which are also the most important parts of used car inspection.

Paint Thickness Gauge with Bluetooth

In addition to the Bluetooth data transmission function, Linshang paint thickness gauge with Bluetooth has a short measuring interval and the data is stable and accurate. Multiple measurements can be made in a short period of time because the instrument's response speed is only 0.5 seconds. And in the process of rapid and repeated testing, the data of Linshang paint thickness gauge with Bluetooth is very stable, which is one aspect that all the staff in Linshang are proud of. The last thing worth mentioning is the accuracy of the data, which is also the most important parameter for customers to purchase paint thickness gauge. Linshang paint thickness gauge ensures that the test can be used with confidence by the China National Metrology Institute.

Linshang Technology has been focusing on instrumentation for 11 years. We know that we can only continue to cater to the needs of our customers in order to develop in this industry for a long time. Only by becoming more professional can we always be trusted by our customers. The launch of the LS220B Paint thickness gauge with Bluetooth is expected to be recognized by customers.

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