Digital Coating Thickness Gauge Price and its Characteristics

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The biggest difference between a digital coating thickness gauge and a conventional thickness gauge is that the data can be displayed directly through the display.Digital display is an abbreviation of "digital display". Commonly used displays have LED, LCD display.At present, the digital display screens used by Linshang digital coating thickness gauge are dot matrix LCD.The large screen directly displays the thickness value so the reading is very convenient.

The price of the digital coating thickness gauge is related to the function of the thickness gauge itself and the measurement range.Therefore,this article will mainly introduce the price and characteristics of some types of digital coating thickness gauges.We hope the introduction can help customers choose one suitable digital coating thickness gauge.A digital coating thickness gauge that fits within your budget and fits your needs.

1.Integrated digital coating thickness gauge LS220 and LS220H

The appearance,accuracy,measurement range and principle of the LS220 and LS220H digital coating thickness gauges are completely identical.The only difference is the zero adjustment method of the two instruments.

The LS220H digital coating thickness gauge is suitable for coating thickness measurement in various industries.After powering on,short press the power button to make the zero adjustment. The LS220 digital coating thickness gauge is designed for the used car industry.It needs to be carried out frequently.We need to long press the power button for 3s to make zero adjustment. The price of these two digital coating thickness gauges is $118.

2.LS220B integrated digital coating thickness gauge with Bluetooth

The LS220B integrated digital coating thickness gauge adds Bluetooth data transmission function to the LS220.Other parameters are identical to those of the LS220.Similarly, this instrument is also designed for the used car industry,so we have added 17 car test positions in the mobile phone APP equipped with the instrument.Each position can record 9 sets of data and 153 test data can be recorded by the gauge.Test report can be generated on the mobile app and printed out.The price of the LS220B digital display thickness gauge with bluetooth is $148.

3.Split digital coating thickness gauge LS221

The LS221 split digital coating thickness gauge has a connecting line between the main unit and the probe.The parameters are exactly the same as those of the LS220H.The LS221's external probe is more suitable for testing some small spaces,as well as some high or low positions. The price of the LS221 split digital coating thickness gauge is also $148.

4.Split digital coating thickness gauge LS223

 The host and probe of LS223 split digital coating thickness gauge is detachable.The instrument's mainframe supports two different range of probes. The measurement range of two probes F3N3 and F5N3 on the non-magnetic metal substrate are 3mm, but the measurement range is different on magnetic metal substrates.F3N3 can only measure 3mm, while F5N3 can measure 5mm. The remaining parameters are consistent with the various digital coating thickness gauges described above.The LS223+F3N3 digital coating thickness gauge price is $250, while the LS223+F5N3 digital coating thickness gauge price is $280.

LS223 digital coating thickness gauge

All of the above contents are the price and characteristics of the six digital coating thickness gauges developed by Linshang Technology.If there are other questions about the selection,please read "Coating Thickness Gauge Selection and FAQ".