Linshang Paint Thickness Meters For Sales

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We know that the anti-corrosion coating characteristics: strong adhesion and corrosion protection. Because of these characteristics, the general anti-corrosion coating is particularly thick. Based on this characteristic of anti-corrosion coating, Linshang Technology has developed a super-large-scale anti-corrosion paint thickness meter LS223. This instrument has a main unit equipped with two probes F3N3 probe and F5N3 probe. The instrument has three measurement modes: iron-based mode and non-ferrous based mode and automatic mode.
    The F3N3 probe measurement range is 0-3000 μm. The iron-based measurement mode of F5N3 has a measurement range of 0-5000 μm and the non-ferrous-based measurement mode is 0-3000 μm. The LS223
paint thickness meter adopt the measurement principle of Hall effect and eddy current effect. The unit of measurement can be selected according to your needs (μm / mil). The instrument uses a ruby probe that provides excellent wear and corrosion resistance to extend the service life of the instrument. The instrument uses advanced digital probe so that the data can be completed directly on the probe during testing. And the probe is not susceptible to interference and can provide excellent test accuracy

LS223 paint thickness meter

  Linshang Technology adheres to the line of independent innovation, research, development and production. The meter can be customized according to the customers’ requirements.



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