Frosted Glass Thickness and Measurement With Digital Glass Thickness Meter

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As the types and styles of glass become more and more diverse, such as glass films, glass partitions, art glass, etc., These have gradually entered people's field of vision. More and more people use glass partitions for decoration, because glass partitions are not only transparent but also good for insulation and anti-noise. So for some people who have not used it or have no experience with this one, let's talk about the thickness of the frosted glass partition.

Frosted glass is also called dark glass, which is a kind of translucent glass that is manually or mechanically processed. Therefore, this frosted glass partition is mainly used in offices or bathrooms.

For the widespread application of frosted glass, what is the thickness of frosted glass partition now? The standard for frosted glass is 1.2cm, but the frosting is processed on the basis of the original glass. Therefore, more and more people have accepted the functions of frosted glass for heat preservation, noise resistance, privacy protection, etc. For those who have no experience in frosted glass partition decoration, they may also encounter problems in choosing frosted glass partitions.

In fact, the choice of the frosted glass partition thickness can not be unified, because it often involves considering the place where the decoration is used, the space left in the place. Therefore, when choosing the frosted glass partition thickness, it is also necessary to consider where the decoration is, whether it will be hit and the occasion of decoration.

There are other considerations in the selection of the frosted glass partitions thickness, such as its function and the thickness of the interior and exterior walls. Exterior walls must also be considered after selecting the wind and anti-extrusion capabilities. For the past experience of the frosted glass partitions thickness for decoration. The interior glass partition decoration is generally between 0.9cm-1.2cm. If it is not easy to touch, 0.5cm is fine.

Glass thickness measurement

The high-precision digital glass thickness meter LS201 developed by Linshang Technology can not only measure various glass materials such as insulating glass, laminated glass, etc. It can also be used to measure the thickness of triple glass. The LS201 digital glass thickness meter uses the principle of optical reflection.The  glass thickness can be measured by placing it on one side of the glass. Especially suitable for general measurement tools such as scales or vernier calipers that cannot or are not easy to operate. Such as installed laminated glass, hollow glass windows, etc. At the same time, the thickness of multilayer glass and intermediate air layer can also be obtained.

The high-precision digital glass thickness meter LS201 uses CCD detection and a large liquid crystal display, which has easy operation and fast measurement. The measurement accuracy is as high as ± 0.1mm.

digital glass  thickness meter

When measuring the thickness of the triple glass, only the high-precision digital glass thickness meter LS201 needs to be placed on one side of the glass after the machine is turned on. The data can be measured by pressing the "Measure" button.

In addition, there are two measurement modes, automatic and manual. The manual mode can accurately test the thickness of various specifications of glass. After setting the corresponding parameters according to the actual type of glass, accurate data can be measured.

Linshang high-precision digital glass thickness meter LS201 is your best choice for measuring double glass, triple glass, laminated glass, frosted glass, installed door and window glass, and curtain wall glass.



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