UV LED Power Puck Used For UV Curing

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1. What is UV curing?

UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet. Curing refers to the process of converting a substance from a low molecule to a polymer. UV curing generally refers to the curing conditions or requirements of coatings (paints), inks, adhesives (glue) or other potting sealants that require UV curing. They are distinguished from warm curing, adhesive (curing agent) curing and natural. Curing, etc. The ultraviolet power puck is also called a UV power puck. The ultraviolet power puck is mainly used to detect whether the power and energy of the ultraviolet light source meet the curing standard. If the UV source is attenuated, the source needs to be replaced.

2. What are the advantages of UV curing?

UV curing is now widely used in wood coatings, printing, automotive and industrial applications. So what are the advantages of UV curing?
      (1) The entire curing system is a solvent-free system, ie 100% solvent-free formulation with low environmental pollution.
      (2) UV curing is a low-temperature process that cures at room temperature, which meets the requirements of some special coatings. For example, UV inks can be used in some thermal coatings such as soft plastics, CDs, cartons, etc.
      (3) Curing is a technique of instantaneous solidification by irradiation with ultraviolet light. It is suitable for continuous operation in high-speed production lines and has the characteristics of high production efficiency and energy saving.

LS120 ultraviolet power puck

LS120 UV radiometer

3. Why do UV curing use an ultraviolet power puck?

However, if the UV intensity, energy and irradiation time are not controlled well during the curing process, a good curing effect is not achieved. The quality of the product will not meet the standard. Therefore, we need an ultraviolet power puck for UV curing to monitor the curing process of the UV lamp, analyze the time, energy and strength required for curing and formulate the corresponding process parameters.
   As a well-known UV instrument manufacturer in China, Linshang Technology independently developed the UV led power puck -LS128, LS131, which is specially used for UV LED light source. The Linshang UV led power puck measures the energy and power of the light source, accurately records the time taken for curing and the sampling speed reaches 2048 times per second. The accuracy of the instrument is very high. At the same time, the power curves can also be displayed. Through the curve, we can analyze the intensity distribution of multiple ultraviolet light sources on the production line.