High Performance Window Film Transmission Meter

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Recently,an old customer came to visit our company hoping to know some of our new products.He took over many window film transmission meters bought in the past for inspection.The models of this batch of instruments are different.After checking the SN number of the instrument,we found that the batch of window film transmission meters were basically produced in 2012.After 7 years,the instrument is still in use.After the inspection,it is found that the instruments can work normally.And the data is basically the same as our new instrument.
     The two longest-lasting instruments in this series are the classic LS101 window film transmission meter and the LS100 window film transmission meter.These two meters are the earliest versions.At present, more than half of the colleagues may have never seen this meter.There is also a very popular LS162 window film transmission meter and a LS127 UV power meter that has been discontinued.Now,the LS123 UV power meter has replaced the LS127 UV power meter.

window film transmission meter

As you can see from the figure,the two classic LS100 and LS101 window film transmission meters were produced in June 2012 and July 2012, respectively.Both instruments are used to detect the visible light transmittance, UV transmittance and infrared transmittance of the solar film. The data of the old and new instruments are different.The old models show full transmittance,while the new window film transmission meters mostly show visible light transmittance,UV rejection rate and infrared rejection rate.

window film transmission meter

We measured the same solar film with the classic LS101 window film transmission meter and the new LS101 window film transmission meter.After conversion,we found the data of the two instruments is basically the same (100% - transmittance = rejection rate).
In addition to the difference in data display,the biggest difference between the old and new instruments is the light path.The new instrument adopts the parallel light path design.In addition to measuring the solar film, the large thickness glass can also be accurately measured.The old window film transmission meter LS101 uses a point light source.The measurement of thicker glass will result in a large light transmittance.
    The Linshang portable window film transmission meters prices are concentrated within 299-600 RMB.If you use the instrument properly,one instrument can be used for a long time.