How to Choose a Good UV Radiometer Puck?

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With the concept of low-carbon, green and environmental protection deep into people's lives, UV curing technology is becoming more and more popular due to its environmentally-friendly characteristics. For example, watches, wood, advertising, shoe factories and other industries. With the development of UV curing technology, UV radiometer pucks have also emerged. How to choose a good UV radiometer puck? We can consider the following four aspects:

1. Select the appropriate UV radiometer puck based on the light source you are using

The curing light source used by different manufacturers is different. Light sources used in the curing industry are mainly divided into high pressure mercury lamps and UV LED. Different UV radiometer pucks are required for different light sources. The curing band of high-pressure mercury lamp is 365 nm and the curing bands of UV LED light source are 365 nm, 385 nm, and 395 nm

2. Do you choose a manufacturer, will the power puck pass the test of National Metrology Institute?

As a professional UV instrument, UV radiometer puck is recommended to be calibrated once a year. Purchased from the manufacturer, the calibration would be very convenient for the maintenance .The certificate of national measurement is also a concern for many customers. As a professional UV meter manufacturer, the LS120, which is designed for high-pressure mercury lamp measurement, can be inspected by the Chinese National Metrology Institute. There is no uniform standard for UV LED light sources worldwide. Therefore, the Linshang LS128 UV radiometer puck specially used for measuring LED lights is subject to its own manufacturer's standard.

LS128 UV radiometer puck

LS128 UV LED radiometer puck

3. Whether it needs to be used on the production line or fixed-point measurement

UV curing ovens are generally conveyor belt, especially for some UV curing machines where the conveyor belt is very long and the UV lamp is very far from the conveyor belt entrance. It is best to choose a disc type UV radiometer puck that can withstand high temperatures. For the UV curing setting of the fixed point measurement, you can select the UV radiometer puck with the probe on the host and you can check the test data on the host while testing.

4. Measuring temperature, curing time

Some customers have requirements for the UV curing temperature and the exact curing time. You can choose a UV radiometer puck that can test the temperature and curing time. For example, the UV radiometer puck produced by Linshang Technology has built-in insulation sheets, which are resistant to high temperatures and can be used for long periods of time at 100 degrees Celsius. And built-in timer can accurately record the curing time.
    From the above four aspects, we have a rough understanding of how to choose a suitable UV radiometer puck. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact Linshang Technology senior engineer.



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