Why LED Lights Use Special UV Light Integrator?

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UV curing light sources can be mainly divided into mercury lamps and LED lamps. Why LED lamps should use special UV light integrator? The reasons are as following:
UV light integrators for mercury lamps typically have a spectral response range of 315 nm to 400 nm and a peak wavelength of 365 nm. The spectral response of the LED-specific UV light integrators is generally 340nm - 420nm and can be tested at 365nm, 385nm. The spectrum of the UV light integrator used for the mercury lamp is similar to the mountain (shown below). The spectrum of the UV LED lamp is trapezoidal (see below). The spectrum of LED lamps is relatively wide. Therefore, if the ultraviolet band is not 365 during the measurement, the measurement data of the ultraviolet lamp dedicated to the mercury lamp is inaccurate. 

high pressure mercury lamp spectral response

 2.As shown in Figure 2, some curing in the UV curing industry requires the use of cold light source. UV curing of mercury lamps is a heat source. For example, the curing of the ink. If the ink is sprayed on the coated paper, the thin paper will be deformed if it is cured by heat light source. Therefore, it is necessary to use a UV-LED dedicated UV light integrator.
    3.Different ultraviolet light sources have different spectral responses, so it is necessary to select the ultraviolet measuring instrument that matches the spectrum of the light source. If the spectrum of the source is inconsistent with the response spectrum of the instrument, the measured data will be inaccurate.

LED spectral response

4.The conventional curing basically uses a high pressure mercury lamp, which is a broad spectrum light source (including ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light). 365 nm is the most commonly used waveband in curing process. Most UV light integrators are designed for high pressure mercury lamps.
   5.High-power UV LED as a new narrow-spectrum light source, the light source include 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm and other bands. 



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