UV Light Integrator for UV LED

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UV curing technology is often used in the fields of UV curing of optical parts and electronic parts, UV curing of coating agents, UV curing of coatings and printing inks, etc. At the same time, UV light integrators are also used to detect the light source. There are two curing sources of high-pressure mercury lamps and ultraviolet LED lamps in the UV curing industry. The well-known brands include Japanese Ushio and American EIT.

1.  Linshang Technology -UV light integrator supplier 

Why does Linshang technology still develop theUV light integrator for detecting high-pressure mercury lamps and ultraviolet LED lamps? Because we pursue scientific data and cost-effective instruments. The UV light integrator developed by Linshang Technology has high quality with low price.

Currently, the UV light integrator on the market is developed with a high-pressure mercury lamp as standard light source, but the high-pressure mercury lamp has a wavelength band ranging from 200 nm to more than 1000 nm and only 365 nm is used for curing. However, the UV LED used for curing have different wavelength bands such as 365 nm, 375 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm and 405 nm. 

2.  Difference between high pressure mercury lamp and UV LED light sources

  1. The light emitted by the high-pressure mercury lamp is broad-spectrum, including various wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared. 365nm ultraviolet is mainly used in curing industry.

  2. LED light sources include light sources with different peak wavelengths, such as 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm, etc. The requirements for measuring LED light sources and measuring high-pressure mercury lamps are also different.

  3. At present, most uv light integrators are designed for high-pressure mercury lamps. But due to the wide application of global energy-saving and environmental protection instruments, LED light sources are gradually replacing high-pressure mercury lamps. (A lot of energy is wasted during the use of high-pressure mercury lamps, not for curing). Therefore we have introduced a special uv light integrator for measuring LED light sources.

3. UV light integrators dedicated for UV LED light sources

(1) EIT LEDCure-L395 UV light integrator 

Spectral range : 370-420 nm

Dynamic Range: 40 W/cm2

Accuracy  ± 10% of reading plus ± 0.2% of full scale , ± 5% (typical)

Price : $ 2032

(2) Linshang LED UV light integrator -LS128

Spectral range : 340nm --- 420nm, Peak Wavelength = 395nm

Dynamic Range:0 - 40000 mW/cm²

Accuracy  ± 10%  , ± 5% (typical)

Price: $442

LS128 UV light integrator

4. Why do we choose Linshang UV LED UV light integrator ?

The Linshang LS128 UV light integrator, with a spectral range from 340nm to 420nm, is concentrated in the spectrum and can measure any UV-curing source from 365nm to 405nm. 

  • Accurate and scientific. data.

  • Large dynamic range of 40000 mW/cm²

  • High temperature resistance of 125 ° C. It can be placed in boiling water of 100 ° C, no impact on the product.

  • Large LCD display that can display energy, intensity, temperature, time and power curve  at the same time.

  • Connect to the computer to print test reports. 

With the development of technology, LED light source will definitely replace the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp, then LS128 UV light integrator must be your good assistant. Besides the LS128 UV light integrator, the LS131 uv light integrator is also developed by Linshang Technology for UV LED light sources . The uv sensor of the LS131 UV light integrator located in the front while the LS128 UV light integrator uv sensor located in the back of the instrument. Customers can choose the UV light integrator according to their needs



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