LS120 UV Integrator Calibration Certificate

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At present, the UV integrator on the market can be mainly divided into a mercury lamp-specific and an LED-specific UV integrator according to the type of measured UV mercury lamp. There are uniform standards for UV mercury lamps, but no uniform standard for UV LED lamps. Today we take the mercury lamp UV integrator as an example to explain UV Integrator Calibration.

The UV integrator calibration for different brands is also different. For example, the Linshang LS120 UV Energy Meter requires a standard UV mercury lamp and a standard instrument during the calibration process. The data of this standard instrument is to ensure compliance with national standards. 

results of calibration

The UV integrator specific calibration steps are as follows:
      1. Turn on the UV energy meter and place it on a standard UV mercury lamp for measurement. Then use the computer software that comes with the LS120 UV Energy Meter to read the data of the standard UV energy meter and record the data.
      2. Then turn on the UV integrator to be calibrated and measure the standard UV mercury lamp. Similarly, the test data of the UV integrator needs to be exported, and we can compare the data with the data of the standard instrument. And find if the error between the UV integrator and the standard UV energy meter is within the range allowed by the accuracy of the instrument.
      3. If the data of the UV integrator to be calibrated and the standard UV energy meter are within the error tolerance range, calibration is not required. If the error exceeds the accuracy range, the data needs to be calibrated in the instrument-specific editable mode until it meets the standard.
    Customers who have purchased a UV integrator are unable to detect data changes during use, so we recommend that the customer send the UV integrator back to the manufacturer for calibration once a year.
    The above is all about UV Integrator Calibration. If there are more problems with the calibration of the instrument, please contact us by email.