Temperate Difference of LS300 Temperature Demonstration

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After Linshang launched LS300 Temperature Demonstration, the product is very popular on market, some customers sent feedback to us and enquire, the glass or filmed glass that  tested via LS182, shows it with good property of blocking infrared, but via test with LS300 Temperature Demonstration, why the temperature difference is small, is there any problem?

LS300 Temperature Demonstration

Came to the office, we immediately make the actual experiment on customer feedback problems, did not find the the problem, do not know why..

We at once connected the customer via IM, doing test at the same time with customer, Plug in the power of LS300 Temperature Demonstration, Put filmed glass on the left, blank glass on the right, one minute later, the instrument itself stop testing, the blank glass on the right side of the temperature rising rapidly, the temperature difference reaches 11.7 degrees; filmed glass on the left slowly rising, temperature difference is about 1.5 degrees. 

Customer's problem is right here, the customer understand it should be blocked more heat of the filmed glass, so the temperature difference should be large. and this is just the opposite. In fact, customers understood wrongly, the temperature difference is the absolute value of the temperature rose in the testing process, that is, the temperature difference= actual rose temperature value - the original temperature value.

LS300 Temperature Demonstration, It’s left and right sides are independent, infrared lamp on top, sensors in the bottom, put glass in the middle. when two identical infrared lamps emitting heat, two identical receiver receives heat, temperature changes in the receiver slower smaller, said, was blocked most of heat by middle of the filmed glass. received temperature changes faster, that greater temperature difference said most of heat not been blocked by the middle of glass. so the smaller temperature difference means with better heat insulating effect. The customer said that he had a better understanding of the  

LS300 Temperature Demonstration, and it was also more clear to demonstrate to his client.



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