Principles of architectural Heat Insulation Glass

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  Architectural insulation film can be attached directly to the glass surface, can effectively reflect and block the heat of sunlight. In the hot summer can block part of the heat into the room, thereby reducing the air conditioning load, to achieve the purpose of saving air conditioning costs, and can lower the indoor temperature.

Window film temperature meter

  Installing a large area of heat-insulating glass in a building can not only reduce energy consumption and save money, but also prevent indoor items from aging, fading and prolong the service life. As we all know,promoting the use of insulating glass on the windows and doors of buildings is of great significance for energy conservation and sustainable development.
LS301 Window film temperature meteris designed to demonstrate heat-insulating property of the insulation film and can be used to measure the heat rejection rate and the temperature value. This instrument can help you choose the right building glass insulation film and glass accurately and quickly.