The Operation Method of LS301 Window Film Transmission Meter

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LS301 Window Film Transmission Meter can test the heat insulation rate of insulation film, insulation glass, heat insulation coating materials, it can also compare the insulation effect of different materials by temperature. The instrument is simple to operate and the data will display quickly. Today we’ll show you the operation method of LS301 Window Film Transmission Meter.

LS301 Window Film Transmission Meter

First, look at the display interface of the instrument (as shown):
       1. The display above shows two temperature values and two heat insulation rate respectively;
       2. Two test boxes are completely independent, containing two 150W Philips infrared lamp;
       3. The small black spots on the bottom are temperature sensor probes;
       4. The black part inside is a heat insulation test probe.

Specific operating methods of LS301 Window Film Transmission Meter are as follows:

1. Plug in the instrument,it will immediately display real-time temperature, and the number is flashing, that means it is ready to test. 
       2. Test two different sample glass and compare their heat insulation rate;
       Put a filmed glass on the left side and a clear glass on the right side.
       It will immediately show the heat insulation rate of two samples, the heat insulation rate of filmed glass is 83.1%, the heat insulation rate of clear glass is 13.8%;Compare the heat insulation effect of two glass by temperature value.
       3. Press the "Reset/Test" button, two infrared lamps will be turned on, the temperature gradually increase. During the testing process, we can also feel the temperature difference between two sides directly by hand.
       Test time is 1 minutes, the infrared lamps will automatically turn off after 1 minutes. At the same time the two cooling fans began to rotate for reducing the temperature. All the test is finished, temperature and heat insulation data will remain on the display interface;
       Now the temperature of the side of filmed glass 30.7°c, heat insulation rate is 83.1%, another side is 38.5°c,heat insulation is 13.8%.(as shown)
       By comparing the temperature of two sides,we can see the heat insulation effect of different materials.The bigger the temperature data, indicating that the test sample has worse insulation effect. 
       4. When we need to test again, press the "Reset/Test" button to unlock the data, then repeat the previous operation.



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