Testing Time of LS300 Solar Film Temperature Meter

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Customers that used LS300 Solar Film Temperature Meter shall know, It’s testing time is limited to one minute. On the question of the test time, customers call and ask wishes to change test time to 5 minutes. and asked if can change it, and how to change? For this problem, After LS300 Solar Film Temperature Meter has been launched on market, we believe that lots of users trying to know  whether the testing time could be extended to 5 minutes or longer to more longer? The answer is NO. Reasons are the following:

  1. LS300 Solar Film Temperature Meteris a demonstration product, when demonstrated to the customer, when they watch time should not be too long or too short, the right time is 1 minute. Control  time, can effectively enhance the order deals.

    Solar Film Temperature Meter

  2. LS300 Solar Film Temperature Meter,  it’s spare and accessory parts are designed based on the set test time of 1 minute, if time has increased, then the internal parts of the product itself  will be affected as a result.

  3. Since the test temperature box is not sealed, and even to extend the test of time, test the temperature values are not rising, it was a peak value. Just like, say, One car filmed with thermal insulation membrane and another car not been filmed, all be placed in the sun, after the time of one day, the temperature inside the two cars are the same, for what? Because the car is not ventilated, and heated for too long. In other words even if it is filmed, but it will be part of the heat into the car, due to the seals in the car, unventilated, longer just piled high in heat.

The principle is same as LS300 Solar Film Temperature Meter testing time,  if testing time extended, While infrared lamp lighting inside of the light box, due to time of accumulated, heat will be more and more higher, temperature difference will be big, when rose to a peak of numerical, temperature will no longer rose, even test of time be more longer, temperature value also is keep in this point, but due to test time of increased, heat will cumulative, so on both sides of temperature value will increasingly similar, Therefore, the test is not comparable, that’s to say, this instrument does not show significance at all. Therefore, LS300 Solar Film Temperature Meter best demo time is 1 minute.

For the earlier filmed car and not filmed car, why would the temperature difference inside is same, which surely will make many customers wanted to say, in this case, why need film? Isn't a waste of money? Film is certainly useful, and certainly won't make you waste money. But the role and effect of film, we should feel from a different perspective. Such as car owners to drive in hot weather, usually tend to turn on the air conditioner, if window been filmed, so heat is almost blocked off, so that will help the owners save a lot of air conditioning oil fuel costs. Conversely, not filmed, the owner drive the car in the hot sun, even the turn on air conditioning, but will feel the heat. This is the difference between film and no film.