How to Choose Different UV Light Meters?

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There are different brands and different types of UV light meters on the market. The measurement range, use and waveband of each UV light meter are different. So how do you choose different UV light meters?
      1.For the majority of users, confirm the type of ultraviolet light source to be measured, that is, the measured spectral band of the ultraviolet light source. We know that UV light meters mainly test four bands UVA, UVB, UVC, UVV. Different instrument test bands are also different on the market. Therefore, be sure to confirm the test band before selecting the instrument.
     2.We need to confirm the intensity of the UV source and select the appropriate measurement range of instruments based on the intensity of the source. Different UV light meters are different. Therefore, we should choose the appropriate UV light meter according to the actual situation.

UV light meters

3.We need to judge according to the application. In fact, the test band determines the application. Is it necessary to use on-line or fixed-point measurement, whether it needs to be disc type or with probe? If the measurement space is relatively small, you can choose LS126A whose probe width is only 7.2mm, suitable for small space. But for some users, they are not sure about the tested waveband. So we can only judge from the application.
     4.Function and cost performance. If the instrument function is the same, try to choose a cost-effective product. It is better that the instrument can pass the national authority standard.