What are the Factors Related to the Coating Thickness Gauge Price?

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Coating thickness gauges are a wide range of equipment that is used in many industries. Different brands and different types of coating thickness gauges have different prices. What are the factors related to coating thickness gauge price?

In response to these problems, we first need to know whether a coating thickness gauge is worthy of value and cannot be simply based on appearance. The coating thickness gauges price on the market ranges from several dollars to more than ten thousand dollars. The products are uneven and the price difference is very large. The main factors affecting coating thickness gauge price are as follows

1. The coating thickness gauge price is related to the brand

There are many brands of coating thickness gauges. The higher the brand awareness, the more expensive the price will be. On the contrary, the average brand price will be cheaper. More customers trust big brands, but we also tell you responsibly that many coating thickness gauges developed by emerging brands are also excellent.

2. The coating thickness gauge price is related to the measurement principle

At present, the common coating thickness gauge adopts magnetic thickness measurement method and eddy current thickness measurement method, and the instrument price adopting these two measurement principles is moderate. In addition to these two types, there are ultrasonic thickness measurement methods, electrolytic thickness measurement methods and radiation thickness measurement methods. The high price of equipment using these three principles is relatively rare. It is worth noting that some coating thickness gauges use two measurement principles at the same time, and can be applied to a wide range of coating thicknesses on both iron-based and non-ferrous substrates.

3. The coating thickness gauge price is related to the accessories

In order to meet the needs of more users, the coating thickness gauge will be equipped with some accessories. Regular coating thickness gauges require special accessories such as zero adjustment plates and standard films. These accessories are essential for use.

LS221 Coating Thickness Gauge

4. The coating thickness gauge price is related to accuracy

The accuracy, consistency and stability of the coating thickness gauge data are factors that directly influence whether it is easy to use. The stability of the data can be detected by measuring the data of the same material multiple times with one instrument, and the consistency of the data can be detected by testing the data of the same material using multiple instruments. Measurement accuracy is an essential parameter. If the manufacturer can provide a calibration certificate from an authoritative organization, the measurement accuracy is more secure.

5. The coating thickness gauge price is related to the measurement range

The measurement range of coating thickness gauges of different range sizes can be used differently. The large-scale coating thickness gauge is definitely more expensive than the small range. Before purchasing, we can check the “measurement range” in the user manual to know the measurement range of the instrument.

6. The coating thickness gauge price is related to the cost of materials for the outer casing and accessories of the instrument

Good quality coating thickness gauges use high quality probes, outer casing and other spare parts. The instrument is wear resistant and has a long service life.

7. The coating thickness gauge price is related to the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer

A truly high-quality coating thickness gauge manufacturer can provide a guarantee that the one-year warranty or a 90-day commitment to return without reason.

These are some of the factors that we have collected to affect the coating thickness gauge price. As for how to choose a suitable coating thickness gauge, the most important thing is to combine the actual situation of the user, what suits you is the best.



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