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Gloss meter BYK has many angles such as 20 degree, 45 degree, 60 degree, 75 degree, 85 degree. The products are mainly divided into single angle and multi-angle.

    The gloss meter BYK in Germany is superior in the whole gloss meter industry. Today we will give a brief introduction to the gloss meter BYK. Gloss meter BYK is mainly divided into the following categories: single angle, three angles.
    Gloss meter BYK has many angles such as 20 degree, 45 degree, 60 degree, 75 degree, 85 degree. Below are some technical parameters:


     Byk gloss meter has a wider range of optical path, so the application fields is wider than the other brands of gloss meter on the market. It can test materials such as paint, plastic, film paper, metal surface. Its unique performance and advantages become the standard for gloss measurement industry. The design is small and convenient and the built-in unique standard board can check whether the standard board is clean or not. It also has bluetooth function.
gloss meter BYK has three models of three angle products, the specific technical parameters are as below:

gloss meter byk technical parameters

     The gloss meter BYK is suitable for any application due to its wide variety of product models. This product can measure the gloss of any material - paint, plastic, high-emission metal. Its maximum measurement range can be up to 2000 GU, ensuring consistently reliable results. The gloss meter byk is in compliance with international standards and approved by DIN standards. 
    The gloss meter byk is widely used and the measurement angle is more accurate. Therefore, the price ranges from ten thousand-thirty thousand RMB. Users can choose the gloss meter that suits their needs according to their own needs.
    For more information about the gloss meter,please refer to

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