UV Integrator Features of Exposure Machine

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The UVA ultraviolet light in the exposure machine can transfer image information on materials such as film to the surface coated with the photosensitive material. It is commonly used in industries such as PCB printing. Underexposure or overexposure can result in poor finished products after graphics transfer. However, the attenuation of the ultraviolet light used in the exposure machine causes a decrease of the ultraviolet light intensity, so it is necessary to use an UV integrator to detect whether the ultraviolet irradiation reaches the exposure requirement for a certain period of time. Below we will mainly introduce the characteristics of an exposure machine UV integrator LS131.
   1.High sampling speed
    Most exposure machines only need a short time to complete the exposure. Place an UV integrator on the exposure machine. In less than 10 seconds, a test can be completed. A shorter test duration means that the instrument needs to get a lot of data in a short time to get more accurate test results. The slower the sampling speed, the data is less accurate, making the results of multiple measurements unstable.
    2.The screen is on the same side as the probe
The comparison of multiple test data needs to be established under the same test conditions. If the screen and probe of the exposure machine UV integrator are on both sides of the instrument, each test position is susceptible to human factors. If the position of the probe relative to the light source changes during multiple tests, the test data will be unstable. At present, the probe and the interface of the new LS131 exposure machine UV integrator are on the same side. After each test, the tested results will be displayed on the display interface immediately. It is more convenient to test without multiple movements.
  3.Square design
    The LS131 exposure machine UV integrator uses a square design to control the placement of the instrument through the edge of the instrument. The probe is located directly above the instrument and can be placed directly below the light source or left and right as needed. It can help users reach test requirements and complete tests faster and more standardized.

LS131 UV integrator

The above features of the exposure machine UV integratorLS131 are very beneficial for testing the UV light source in the exposure machine. In addition, the instrument has many powerful functions. The LS132 UV integrator is commonly used in a variety of industries, UV LED power and energy detection, such as 365nm, 395nm, 405nm and so on. The instrument can also count the maximum value of power, real-time values, etc. This meter also display the power graph of the light source over a period of time. Multiple values of the UV light source in the exposure machine can be read by one instrument.