UV Light Intensity Units and Units Conversion

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The "UV" in the UV energy unit is actually a shorthand for the word "ultraviolet". So what are the UV energy units? First, let's take a look at the following UV energy units. The international common energy units are GJ, MJ, KJ, and J/joule.

The uv energy unit is simply a type of energy unit. The energy unit of light intensity is generally expressed by J/m2 and mJ/cm2, that is, the light energy per unit area. The UV energy units and UV light intensity units conversation and how to convert between UV energy units and UV light intensity measurement units will be introduced in this paper. You can continue to read for further information.

1. UV energy units conversation

UV intensity units display
UV intensity units display
  • 1 J/cm2 = 1000 mJ/ cm2 = 1000000 uJ/ cm2

  • 1 J/m2 = 1000 mJ/ m2 = 1000000uJ/ m2

  • 1 J/m2 = 0.1 mJ/ cm2

In the parameter list of many uv energy meters on the market, there are not only "UV energy measurement range" but also "UV power / UV light intensity measurement range". In fact, the two are simply not separable because of "energy = power (UV light intensity)  * time". Since the power ( light intensity) is mentioned in the formula, we will introduce the UV light intensity units conversation and the conversation between light intensity and energy below, you can read carefully.

2. Relationship between UV light intensity and UV energy

The UV radiation intensity is measured in the units of milliwatts per square centimeter (mW/cm2) which is energy per square centimeter received per second. And it is measured in the units of millijoules per square centimeter (mJ/cm2), which is energy received per unit area in a given measurement time. Light energy at the test material surface is a measure of cumulative intensity exposure (UV light intensity x time), quantified as millijoules/cm2 and is simply:

  • mW/cm2 x seconds = mj/cm2

Usually we will see such a UV energy unit in the UV energy parameter table, sampling speed: "xxxx times / sec". So what does this UV energy unit mean in the uv energy meter? Simply speaking, the power value is constantly changing during the measurement process and xxxx times/second is the sampling speed of the uv energy meter per second. So why is the sampling speed so fast? That is because the power value is varied. Calculating the energy value requires accumulating the power value. The faster the sampling speed, the more accurate the energy accumulation value. When the sampling speed reaches 2000 or above, the change in the power value is small and can be neglected. 

So when you see that some UV energy meters have slow sampling speeds, the seller tells you how accurate their uv energy meter is. Don't believe that, it must be a lie! The UV light intensity units conversation are listed below:

UV light intensity unit conversation (UV light intensity measurement units):

  • 1 Joule (J) = 1 Newton * Meter = 1 Watt (W) * Second (S)

  • 1W/m2 = 103 mW/ m2 = 106 μW / cm2

  • 1W/m2 = 1000mW / 10000 cm2 = 0.1 mW / cm2 = 100 μW / cm2

And the power unit: 

  • E = W * t

  • 1 W = 103 mW (milliwatts) = 106 uW (microwatts)

The above is the conversion rate of the UV energy meter light energy unit, UV intensity unit, power unit and their relationship! More information about "How to caculate the UV intensity and UV energy".