Application of fabric colorimeter in fabric industry

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In the fabric industry, the color difference of the fabric is unavoidable. Generally use the standard light source box for color contrast, and through the naked eye to see the deviation is easy to produce, you need to use the fabric colorimeter. Fabric colorimeter in the fabric industry is not only the application of color difference comparison, but also includes the quality inspection of color, uniform color standards and so on. Interested friends come together to understand!

LS175 colorimeter measures fabric color difference
LS175 colorimeter measures fabric color difference

Color difference comparison

Detect the color difference between the original sample and the delivery sample

Fabric manufacturers and customers to contact, before confirming the production, need to several delivery samples. The original sample given by the customer and the production of the delivery of samples need to be compared with the color difference, to confirm that the color difference is within the customer's acceptance, in order to carry out the subsequent confirmation of production.

Detect the color difference between the original sample and the fabric sampling

Customers give a small piece of fabric, fabric manufacturers need to follow the proofing, which is called fabric sampling. The fabric sampling needs to be compared with the color of the original sample brought by the customer, and the color difference test can be carried out through the fabric colorimeter. The original sample as the standard color, and then the release sample as the sample color, two clicks on the measurement, the color difference results will come out, easy to operate. Need to control the color difference, in order to carry out customer delivery.

Quality inspection of the color

Quality inspection between original sample or confirmed sample and production sample

In the process of producing fabrics, due to uneven distribution of dyes on the fabric, different degree of fixation, dye color variations, etc., will cause color differences between different parts of the fabric or the same batch of different cloth. This requires the use of fabric colorimeter to check the color difference of the dyed fabric, i.e. the color difference between the original sample or the confirmed sample and the production sample. Similarly, the color difference comparison function of the colorimeter is used to measure the original or confirmation sample as the standard color and the production sample as the sample color. In addition, by setting the upper and lower limits, you can set the tolerance range of the color difference by yourself, and carry out the quality inspection of the batch production samples, and the instrument will automatically judge whether it is qualified or not.

Colorimeter measures original sample

Colorimeter measures original sample

Colorimeter measures production sample

Colorimeter measures production sample

Regular color difference test monitoring

As the fabric will be affected by various environmental conditions such as exposure, washing, wear and tear, it will produce color fading. Using fabric colorimeter for regular fabric color difference test, is conducive to the detection of color changes in the entire life cycle of the fabric, quality control, so that it maintains the desired color appearance and meet the expected design or performance requirements.

Unified color standards

Uniform color in production

In order to achieve the consistency of color in the production of fabrics, it is necessary to carry out incoming material testing, dyeing testing, washing testing and so on. Incoming material testing is to detect the color difference between raw materials and standard raw material samples to determine whether the incoming material color is qualified. Dyeing test is to test the color of the dyed fabric to determine whether the dyeing is uniform and meets the expectation. Washing inspection is to record the color scale of washing treatment required by customers before the production process, and with the help of colorimeter, measure the color of fabric after washing and record the color data, so as to provide color reference for mass production. In the above link, using fabric colorimeter to measure, help to ensure the same batch, the same model, the same raw material fabric color uniformity.

Colorimeter measures fabric color
Colorimeter measures fabric color

Color Fastness Detection

Color fastness refers to the degree of color fading of fabrics due to external factors such as friction, washing, sweat and so on. Through the colorimeter, the color data of the same fabric before and after the appearance of sweat stains can be detected and compared with the color difference, so as to know its color fastness to sweat stains.

The use of fabric colorimeter helps fabric manufacturers to make color difference comparison, quality inspection, uniform color standard and so on. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us.

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