UV Intensity Units Conversion

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There are a lot of ultraviolet rays in sunlight. According to different wavelengths, ultraviolet rays can be divided into three types: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Among them, the main ultraviolet rays that can reach the surface of the earth through the ozone layer and the cloud layer are UV-A and UV-B bands, while UV-C will be blocked. This article mainly introduces the conversion of UV intensity units.
       UV-A ultraviolet lamps can be used to make non-destructive testing lamps, laboratory inspection lamps, banknote detector lamps, ore identification lamps, etc. Some wavelengths of UV-A also conform to the phototaxis response curve of insects, so they are also used in trap lights. UV-B ultraviolet rays can promote the metabolism of minerals and the formation of vitamin D in the body. UV-B ultraviolet rays are often used in ultraviolet health care lamps, phototherapy lamps and plant growth lamps. UV-C ultraviolet rays, also known as short-wave sterilization ultraviolet rays, are often used for ultraviolet sterilization. UV-C can cut off the DNA or RNA of microorganisms, making them lose their ability to reproduce or die directly.
       Ultraviolet rays have a huge impact on the growth of organisms and human life. The use of ultraviolet lamps in different industries requires the control of ultraviolet intensity. Some industries require the ultraviolet intensity to be measured in units of uW, such as germicidal lamps. Some industries will use high-power ultraviolet lamps, which need to be measured in W. Therefore, for different intensity of ultraviolet lamps, the Linshang LS125 light intensity meter can provide the switching of ultraviolet intensity units.
       At present, in the measurement of ultraviolet intensity, the four most common units are μW/cm², mW/cm², W/cm² and W/m². How to convert these four ultraviolet intensity units?

μW, mW and W are all internationally used power units. cm2 and m2 are internationally used area units. Therefore, UV intensity indicates the intensity of UV radiation measured per unit area. For example: 100mW / cm2 means that the ultraviolet radiation intensity measured in the range of 1 square meter is 100mW.

UV intensity units

Power unit conversion: 1W = 103 mW = 106μW
Area unit conversion: 1m² = 104 cm²
Conversion of UV intensity unit: 1W/cm² = 103 mW/cm² = 104 W/m² = 106 μW/cm²
According to the above conversion, we can also get the size relationship between the four units:
1W/cm² > 1mW/cm² > 1 W/m² > 1 μW/cm²
The above is the most common conversion of the four ultraviolet intensity units. Of course, when using the LS125 light intensity meter, you only need to set the required units before use. No manual conversion is required. The reading and operation are very simple and easy to understand. 



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