Four Germany QNix Powder Coating Thickness Gauges

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Germany QNix is a professional powder powder coating thickness gauges supplier. This article will introduce the parameters, functions and application industry of four different types of powder coating thickness gauges.

      Germany QNix is a professional powder powder coating thickness gauges supplier. The self-developed powder coating thickness gauges are well known and sold worldwide. This article will introduce different models of QNix powder coating thickness gauges and compare their similarities and differences.
      1.QNix 4200 and 4500
      The QNix 4200 is a portable, one-piece magnetic thickness gauge for coating thickness measurement on magnetic metal substrates. The QNix 4500 is an integrated powder coating thickness gauge for both iron and aluminum, which can be used to measure various coating thicknesses on magnetic metal substrates as well as non-magnetic metal substrates. Both models are suitable for coating thickness measurement in automotive evaluation, industrial coating and anti-corrosion and anti-rust industries.
      Both QNix 4200 and 4500 offer two measurement ranges. Customers can purchase QNix powder coating thickness gauges with the right measurement range for their needs. Both models have the same appearance and precision. The gauges are small and portable and suitable for carrying out.

Qnix podwer coating thickness gauge

     2.QNix 7500
     The QNix 7500 is a hand-held split powder coating thickness gauge for corrosion resistance, rust, industrial paint and coating thickness testing in the surface treatment industry. The instrument is equipped with a detachable probe, which includes a single measuring iron base, a single non-ferrous base and multiple probes that support both iron and aluminum substrates.
     3.QNix 8500
     The QNix 8500 is the most flexible powder coating thickness gauge in the QNix series, with a variety of detachable probes to meet the measurement requirements of a wide range of applications. The integrated design of the probe and the main unit allows the user to quickly and easily measure with one hand and store up to 30,000 data. Like the other three models, the QNix 8500 has a variety of measurement ranges and probe options for different test substrates.

QNix coating thickness gauge price list

     The QNix powder coating thickness gauge product parameters are as follows:
     The above is the main parameters, functions and introduction of the applicable industry for the four QNix powder coating thickness gauges.
     For more information about the coating thickness gauge, please refer to

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