Paint Film Thickness Thickness Measurement

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Dry film thickness gauges are no stranger to many people and they are one type of coating thickness gauge. We believe that many people's conceptual boundaries between dry and wet films are not very clear. So what is the dry film and what is the wet film? What is the measurement principle of the dry film thickness gauge? Here we come to find out.

1. Distinction between dry film and wet film

The paint film thickness can be mainly divided into dry film thickness and wet film thickness and the dry film is a polymer compound. After being irradiated by ultraviolet rays, a polymerization reaction is formed to produce a stable substance attached to the material, thereby achieving the functions of blocking corrosion, weathering and electroplating. The thickness of the film, wet film thickness, dry film thickness are clearly defined in the "Determination of film thickness of paints and varnishes"ISO 2808:2007.

Wet film: A wet film is a photosensitive ink that is sensitive to ultraviolet light.This ink can be cured by ultraviolet light.The most common dry and wet films around us are PCB dry film and wet film, both of which can be used as raw materials for circuit boards.

Dry film: The dry film thickness is simply the thickness of the coating remaining on the surface after the coating has hardened.

2. Dry film thickness gauge measurement principles

  1. Mechanical method 

    1) Thickness difference method such as the  (side indicator / dial gauge), depth gauge (side indicator / dial gauge). 

    2) Surface contour scanning

  2.   The gravimetric analysis method is also one of the measurement principles of the dry film thickness gauge.

    1) mass difference method.

  3.  Dry film thickness gauge optical method.

    1) Section method. 

    2) The cut method. 

  4. Dry film thickness gauge magnetic method.

1) The magnetic attraction method

2) Inductive magnetic method

3) Eddy current method

3. Dry film thickness gauges

dry film thickness gauges
dry film thickness gauges

The Linshang dry film thickness gauges  mainly include LS220, LS220B, LS221, LS223, LS220H,LS225+F500. These dry film thickness gauges are very popular among customers. They can be used to test the dry film thickness within the measurment range. Next, we will tell why Linshang dry film thickness gauges are so popular. 

1. High accuracy

The measurement accuracy of the instrument is ≤±(3% reading +2μm).In line with the national "Determination of film thickness of paints and varnishes" ISO 2808:2007,the national standard of IDT.

2. Use for ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrats

These dry film thickness gauges mainly use magnetic thickness and eddy current thickness measurement principles.That is, it is suitable for the measurement of non-magnetic dry film on a ferromagnetic metal substrate such as steel. It is also suitable for the measurement of non-conductive coatings and anodized layers on non-magnetic metal substrates. 

3. Temperature compensation function

Linshang dry film thickness gauges has temperature compensation function to ensure the stability of the measured data. No matter the environment temperature changes, the measured data won't be affected.

4. Portable and easy to carry

Linshang LS220H, LS221, LS223 dry film thickness gauges have small size . When you need to go out for inspection, just put them in the pocket.