Plating Thickness Measuring Instrument

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Electroplated plating thickness measuring instrument are mainly divided into desktop and handheld.Hand-held plating thickness measuring instrument can be divided into magnetic induction coating thickness gauge,eddy current coating thickness gauge,fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauge and so on.The application principle of the magnetic induction plating thickness measuring instrument is mainly to determine the coating thickness by using the magnetic flux of the probe flowing into the magnet body through the non-ferromagnetic coating layer.The coating thickness can also be determined by measuring the magnitude of the magneto resistance.

The desktop fluorescent X-ray plating thickness measuring instrument penetrates a metal sample by X-rays to produce low-energy photons (commonly known as secondary fluorescence). The coating thickness was obtained by calculating the energy value of the secondary fluorescence.

Electroplated plating thickness measuring instrument, also known as chrome layer tester,hot-dip galvanized layer tester, electroplated coating tester,iron-based / non-ferrous-based coating thickness tester.There is still a big difference between the bench-top plating thickness measuring instrument and the hand-held plating thickness measuring instrument.

1. Plating thickness measuring instrument test principle

Hand-held plating thickness measuring instrument generally use magnetic thickness measurement method,ultrasonic thickness measurement method and eddy current thickness measurement method.These are generally non-destructive measurements.The bench-top plating thickness measuring instrument generally adopts the method of radiation thickness measurement. In special cases, the electrolytic thickness measurement method is adopted.These measurement methods have a certain damage to the measured object and are destructive measurements.

2. Electroplating plating thickness measuring instrument price and supplier

plating thickness measuring instrument

For the hand-held plating thickness measuring instrument,it is recommended to choose Linshang LS220H. The price of this film thickness meter is 890RMB. The main reasons are as follows:

  1. LS220H plating thickness measuring instrument meets the national standard of "DIN EN ISO 2808 Determination of coating film thickness of paints and varnishes".

  2. The probe of the instrument adopts ruby which is wear resistance. It can lengthen the use time of the instrument.

  3. Only need zero adjustment without calibration, the only button operation is simple.

  4. Three measurement modes, with temperature compensation and signal terminal digitization.

For the desktop plating thickness measuring instrument,it is recommended to choose Thick800A, the featured product is X fluorescent coating thickness gauge.The price of this film thickness gauge is 1.1 million RMB.The instrument has the following main features:

  1. It can meet the requirements of test samples of various thicknesses and can test irregular surfaces.

  2. Using positioning laser,it can automatically measure the positioning height.Positioning the laser to ensure that the test point is aligned with the laser.

  3. High ray shielding effect.

  4. The mouthpiece has high sensitivity sensor protection.

Electroplated plating thickness measuring instrument,whether hand-held or desktop, will make it easier for us to measure the film thickness.