Digital Glass Thickness Meter | The Advantages of Double Glazing

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Is the double-layer sound insulation glass soundproof? There are often noises around residential areas. Low-decibel noise can be adjusted by our body, but high-decibel noise will affect our health, especially for babies. Today, let ’s take a look at the sound insulation effect of double-layer sound insulation glass. The principle and thickness measurement of double-layer sound insulation glass are also introduced in this article.

1. What is a double glazing?

(1) The double glazing sold on the market are actually based on the original windows. A layer of inner windows is added to divide them into inner and outer windows. The outer window is usually a transparent window composed of clear glass. This can not only ensure the overall appearance of the building, but also make a certain design for safety. The inner window is generally a translucent material made of various glass, which not only ensures the normal transmission of light, but also has a hazy feeling.
      (2) The width of the gap between the double-glazed windows is generally 12.8 to 19.6 mm. Its gap can be filled with non-toxic gases such as air or argon to increase the isolation effect. Decorative frames are sometimes used to improve the appearance of glass windows. Decorative insert frames can make double-glazed windows easier to clean.

2. The principle of double-layer sound insulation glass

Various sound sources generate vibration and noise. The noise will be transmitted through the air medium. The glass doors and windows pass through the noise and the soundproof glass attenuates the noise one by one. Especially when the noise passes through the soundproof damping rubber, the intermediate frequency noise and high frequency noise are damped by the soundproof damping rubber. It can effectively filter out the middle and high frequency noise and finally the noise entering the room is only about 5%.
      According to the level of external noise, different soundproof glass combination schemes are used. The indoor can generally meet the national quiet standard (level 0 noise standard).
      In a large number of actual installation and application processes, various degrees of outdoor noise can be measured, analyzed, and judged by professionals. If we adopt appropriate sound insulation combined solutions can reach less than 40 decibels and some areas can even reach 30-33 decibels. The basement of the villa area is generally 28-32 decibels.

3. The advantages of double-glazed windows

(1) Good thermal insulation: The thermal conductivity of plastic in aluminum-plastic composite profiles is low. The thermal insulation effect is 1250 times better than aluminum. In addition, it has good air tightness. Although it is tens of degrees below zero in cold areas, it is another world.

double glazing

(2) Good sound insulation: The structure is carefully designed, the joints are tight. The test results are 30db, which meets relevant standards.
      (3) Impact resistance: Because the outer surface of the aluminum-plastic composite profile is aluminum alloy, it is much stronger than the impact resistance of plastic-steel window profiles.
      (4) Energy-saving, the heat transfer coefficient of double-glazed windows is only 29% to 56% of single-layer windows. The heat loss can be reduced by about 70%, which can play a good role in heat insulation of the room;
      (5) Sound insulation and noise reduction can reduce noise by 30 to 45 decibels compared to single-layer glass, thereby creating a quiet indoor space.

4. Double glazing thickness detection

digital glass thickness meter

The thickness of double-layer glass can be measured by Linshang LS201 digital glass thickness meter. The instrument can measure the thickness of double glazing and insulating glass.
      Finally, if you want sound insulation of windows, you must choose laminated glass. The other is to choose according to the situation of your own home. If the floors are high, there are no obstructions around and there are airports or train stations nearby. It is best to use triple laminated glass. 



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