Difference between Linshang UV Radiometers

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Users who frequently purchase Linshang UV radiometer know that the UV radiometer used by Linshang Technology for UV germicidal lamp detection includes LS125 UV radiometer and several different probes in addition to LS126C.There are a total of 9 probes equipped with LS125.How do we choose between the 9 probes of LS125?
    Three of the nine probes in the LS125 UV radiometer are used for the irradiation intensity detection of germicidal lamps,namely LS125+UVC, LS125+UVC-WP, LS125+UVCLED.The first two UV radiometers are mainly applied to the irradiation intensity detection of germicidal lamps with a peak wavelength of 254 nm. The third is mainly used for the irradiation intensity detection of germicidal lamps of UVC LED light sources.There are mainly the following differences:

LS126C UV radiometer

1. LS126C UV radiometer is suitable for the detection of UV germicidal lamp intensity in hospitals,disease control centers, transmission windows, etc., and gives a 1 meter measuring hook. The instrument can be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth to avoid the burn of UV to the testing personnel.Suitable for detection of low pressure mercury lamp.
   2. LS125 + UVC UV radiometer uses a large number of probes,the range is 0-200,000μW/cm2, suitable for high-power sterilization lamp UV intensity measurement.Such as the common low-pressure mercury lamp for sterilization.
   3. LS125 + UVC-WP UV radiometer is an enhanced version of UVC,which can be measured under water 1 meter,with waterproof function.Suitable for sewage treatment and some UV germicidal lamps tested in relatively humid environments.
   4. LS125 + UVC-LED is the professional detection of UVC LED germicidal lamp intensity.
   Through the introduction of several Linshang UV radiometers suitable for germicidal lamp detection,we believe that most users will definitely have some understanding of the UV radiometers used in these germicidal lamps.Then you can choose what you want from these UV radiometers.