Why Will the Glass Thickness Meter Show “Unrecognized Glass”?

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During the after-sales process of our products, customers will ask the question: When we measure the glass thickness, the glass thickness meter will display “unrecognized glass”. 

What is the situation? It may be caused by the following reasons:

1.When the glass thickness meter is not in close contact with the glass surface,the instrument will display “unrecognized glass” if it does not recognize the glass.
   2.LOW-E layer reflectivity is too high,the instrument will display "unrecognized glass" when the LOW-E layer reflectivity is greater than 70%.We can try to test on the other side of the glass.
   3.The outside temperature of the measuring glass is too strong.When measuring the glass thickness,we should try to avoid the solar light test on the back of the glass thickness meter. Otherwise the instrument will show“unrecognized glass”.
   4.The glass surface is too dirty or it is scratched.At this time,we need to clean the glass surface or replace the position where it is not scratched.

So what should we pay attention to when using the Linshang LS201 glass thickness meter?

LS201 glass thickness gauge

1.Keep the glass surface clean when using the glass thickness meter,which can improve the glass measurement accuracy.
   2.Try to avoid overlapping multiple pieces of glass in the instrument test,which may cause measurement results wrong
   3.Keep the glass thickness meter detector clean(can be wiped with a soft cloth or cotton swab that occupies alcohol).Do not wipe it with a cloth that contains other solvents.
   4.Avoid the solar test on the back of the glass thickness meter.
   5.Avoid direct eyesight of the laser.
   6.Avoid contact with corrosive materials in glass thickness meters and keep away from high humidity.
   7.When the battery symbol is flashing, please replace the battery in time.
   The above are several reasons why the glass thickness meter may prompt “unrecognized glass”. If the“Unrecognized Glass”prompt appear when you are using the LS201 glass thickness meter. You can refer to the above methods, we hope the above introduction can help you.



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