Application of UV Integrator in Semiconductor Lithography Industry

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The lithography machine is one of the core devices for the manufacture of semiconductor originals.The application range is relatively wide.According to the application,it can be mainly divided into lithography machine for producing chips, for packaging and for LED manufacturing.In this paper, we will mainly discuss the lithography machine in the semiconductor industry and the application of UV integrator in the semiconductor lithography industry.

1.What is a lithography machine?

The lithography machine is also known as a lithography system,an exposure machine. Semiconductors are mainly used in integrated circuits.The template is used to remove the protective film on the wafer surface.The wafer is immersed in the septic.Then the part that loses protection will be eroded to form a circuit.In this process, the main function of the lithography machine is to use ultraviolet light to remove the protection material on the surface of the wafer through the stencil.Generally,the energy of the ultraviolet ray is monitored by a UV integrator.
   Therefore,depending on the template,the lithography machine can be mainly divided into two types.
   1)The template is the same size as the wafer.The template is not lithographically maneuverable.
   2)The template is the same size as the integrated circuit.The template moves with the focus of the lithography machine.

2.Application principle of the lithography machine

Lithography machines have different lithography methods,of which UV lithography is the most common.At present,ultraviolet lithography dominates lithography.It can be classified into ultraviolet,deep ultraviolet and aurora ultraviolet according to wavelength.According to the exposure mode,it can be divided into contact proximity lithography and projection lithography. Contact proximity lithography is typically produced by mercury lamps,which typically have a peak wavelength of 365 nm on a lithography machine in the semiconductor industry.

 3.Impact of the lithography machine on the semiconductor industry.

Photolithography machines are often prone to overexposure or underexposure,so we must control the exposure time correctly.In this way, a high quality wafer circuit diagram can be obtained.The general lithography process is subjected to cleaning,drying,coating,photoresist, soft baking,alignment exposure,post-baking,development,hard baking,laser etching.The more complex of semiconductor circuit layer numbers, the more precise the exposure control process is required.
    Therefore,when the exposure of the lithography machine is insufficient,there may be an error in the line.Or the circuit diagram is unclear and the soft rubber becomes soft.Excessive exposure can cause image distortion or damage to electronic components.Therefore,the lithography machine must strictly monitor the exposure time and illumination intensity of the semiconductor.

4.UV integrator for detecting the lithography machine

The Linshang LS120 is a UV integratorfor high pressure mercury lamps,so it is very suitable for spherical mercury lamps detection in semiconductor lithography machines. With a spectral response range of 315-400 nm, this UV integrator is a true smart UV integrator. The instrument has the following features:

LS120 UV integrator

1)The sampling speed of this UV integrator is 2048 times/second, and the measurement accuracy is high.
   2)The instrument can be connected to the USB interface. The computer software can record the data in detail, perform curve analysis and print out the test report.
   3)Built-in insulation sheet, with high temperature design. It can run for a long time in the temperature environment of 100 degrees Celsius.
   4)The built-in capacity of the instrument is large. And it can record more than 3,800 temperature data and more than 60,000 power data.
   The Linshang LS120UV integrator has a fast sampling speed and high measurement accuracy. It is very suitable for the lithography machine rigorous testing of exposure time and exposure intensity. For details, please contact Linshang senior engineer +86 13510633052.