What is SHGC? Can We Use LS182 Window Tint Meter to Measure TSER and SC?

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SHGC is the solar heat gain coefficient and is also called the total solar power transmittance. Specifically,it refers to the ratio of heat radiated by the sun through the door and window to the solar radiation projected onto the outer surface of the light-transmitting envelope.The total solar transmittance includes both the heat released after absorption.It also includes a section that passes directly through the light shield. Therefore,it is generally known that the solar cell's thermal insulation effect is good or bad by measuring the sun's SHGC using a window tint meter.

SC specifically refers to the shading coefficient.When the SHGC value is known,the shading coefficient can be calculated by the formula.

SC (shading coefficient) = SHGC ÷ 0.87 (or 0.889).TSER refers to the total solar barrier rate.The Linshang LS182 window tint meter does not have the ability to directly measure TSER and SC.Conventional instruments do not have this parameter of TSER,we can customize it for you if you need it.

The Linshang LS182 window tint meter is an instrument that measures the four parameters of SHGC (total solar transmittance),transmittance,UV rejection rate and full infrared rejection rate.The peak wavelength of ultraviolet rays is 365 nm,the peak wavelength of visible light is 550 nm and the peak wavelength of infrared rays is 950 nm,1400 nm and the full infrared band (Full IR).

LS182 window tint meter

The Linshang LS182 window tint meter has the following features:

  • This LS182 window tint meter is suitable for testing the transmission rate and rejection rate of explosion-proof membranes, automotive membranes, architectural membranes and stick-film glass.

  • The instrument adopts parallel light design, which can measure large thickness materials with high accuracy.

  • The instrument uses a large LCD display, the reading is simple and easy to understand.

  • The instrument is suitable for a wide range of applications,suitable for exhibitions, booths,quality inspection,inspection and other occasions.

The Linshang LS182 window tint meter has a real-time dynamic self-calibration function that automatically calibrates after powering on.5V power supply and USB interface can be directly connected to the mobile power supply.The charging is very convenient.



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