Linshang LS101 Tint Tester Upgrade

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LS101 tint tester is the most classic one in Linshang series tint testers.After more than 10 years of market testing,it has been recognized by the majority of users.In 2019, Linshang Technology upgraded the classic LS101 tint tester,which has changed greatly in terms of shape,parameters and performance.So which parts of the LS101 tint tester have been upgrade?

1. Appearance difference between the upgraded LS101 tint tester and the old tint tester

LS101 tint testers

From the appearance,the upgraded LS101 looks more line-like and equipped with a large-screen LCD display. 

2. User experience difference between the upgraded LS101 tint tester and the old tint tester

  1. The upgraded LS101 tint tester is powered by the 7th battery.Compared with the 5V power supply of the old instrument,it is more convenient to use and carry around. At the same time, a 5V power interface (Type C interface) is reserved, which is dual-purpose.

  2. The new LS101 is designed with a support frame on the back to support the instrument during testing,which is convenient for test readings and more user-friendly.

3. Difference between the upgraded LS101 tint tester and the old tint tester technical performance

  1. The new LS101 uses 380-760nm white light,in line with CIE photopic luminosity function. The test data is more scientific,especially for some colored solar films.

  2. The new LS101 adopts parallel optical path design and the test data is more accurate. It can test large thickness of film glass and other materials.The old model uses a diffuse light source design and the data is not accurate enough when testing thick materials.

  3. The new LS101 tint tester has a data lock function,press the HOLD button on the instrument,you can lock the test data on the LCD screen.When you take away the test sample, the data will remain on the interface.

As can be seen from the above description,the new LS101 tint tester has absolute advantages over the older models.The point is that the performance and user experience of the new LS101 has improved,but the price is still the same as the old one.It can be seen that the cost performance of the new LS101 tint tester is very high!



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