UV Radiometer for UVC Germicidal Lamp Testing

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The Linshang LS126C UV radiometer is a professional instrument for detecting the irradiation intensity of 254nm UV germicidal lamps. Widely used in hospitals,disease control centers, drug regulatory agencies and other medical institutions. There are many instruments for detecting 254nm ultraviolet germicidal lamps on the market.And different brands of instruments have their own characteristics.What is the difference between Linshang LS126C UV radiometer and other UV radiometers?

1.Linshang LS126C UV radiometer is very comprehensive in terms of user experience

254nm ultraviolet light belongs to short-wave ultraviolet light and has a strong lethality. Considering that people stand under the germicidal lamp to detect the intensity of the germicidal lamp, they will be exposed to ultraviolet rays.Therefore,the Linshang LS126C UV radiometer has made many intimate designs in the measurement.
     (1) According to the detection standards of germicidal lamps in medical institutions,the instrument is equipped with a 1 meter test hook.In this way, the instrument is placed on the base of the hook.And the hook is hung on the tube, which can meet the test distance requirement specified in the national standard.

UV light meter

 (2) The instrument has the function of automatically shutting down for 10 minutes and will maintain the current test data after shutdown.Generally,the lamp should be lit for at least 5 minutes after the lamp is turned on and the luminous intensity will be stable.The automatic shutdown function of the LS126C UV radiometer can test the intensity value after the lamp is stabilized and the person does not need to stand under the lamp during the test.After the test is over,look at the test results without using complicated protective equipment.
     (3) LS126C
UV radiometerhas Bluetooth function, also equipped with mobile APP.Bluetooth transmission distance can reach 50m in an empty place.You can test the UV intensity data of the germicidal lamp in real time on the mobile phone while testing.

LS126C UV light meter

(4) The instrument has a data saving function and can store up to 25 sets of data.This allows you to test the lamps in multiple rooms at once.
     (5) The instrument has a power graph display.Through the power graph, it can be analyzed whether the luminous intensity is stable after the lamp is lit.
     (6) The instrument comes with a real-time clock,you can record the precise time of each test.This can be traced back to the specific test time of each tube for testing multiple tubes at a time.
     (7)LS126C UV radiometer also presented computer software,you can export the test data to the computer and generate a test report record archive.

test report

2.Linshang LS126C UV radiometer meets national standards in terms of measurement accuracy

  For the hospital's ultraviolet germicidal lamp,the relevant national standards have provisions,the 30W straight lamp in use,the distance test 1m in the center of the lamp tube,the strength can not be lower than 70μW/cm2.The new lamp strength can not be low at 100 μW/cm2.Therefore,the accuracy of the instrument directly determines whether the sterilization effect of the lamp is qualified.It can be seen that the accuracy of the instrument is very important.The measurement accuracy of the Linshang LS126C UV Irradiometer can fully meet the national testing standards and ensure that it can pass the inspection of any authoritative metrology institution in the country.
      At present,most of the UV radiometers on the market can pass the national measurement, but there is certainly no such consideration in the user experience as the Linshang UV radiometers.This is also an important reason why Linshang UV radiometer LS126C is very popular in the market.



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