Precautions In Using Paint Coating Thickness Gauge

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As a non-destructive tester, the paint thickness gauge has strong practicability and can identify the substrate automatically. This function is advanced and technical in the industry. Linshang paint coating thickness gauge increase the economic benefits while extending the use time and reduce the technical maintenance costs of the enterprise. Numerous functions are also the reason that the paint coating thickness gaugeis widely used in manufacturing, metal processing, commodity inspection and chemical industries. It can better detect the thickness of fire-resistant layers, anti-corrosion layers and enamel layers.

paint coating thickness gauge ruby probe

LS220H dry film thickness gauge

As such a highly emerging technology product, there is also strong scientific principles behind it.The most important is the magnetic thickness measurement method. The so-called magnetic thickness measurement method is aimed at the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on metal materials such as steel, iron and silver. There is also an eddy current principle that uses the electromagnetic field generated by the side coil to form a eddy current in the process of approaching the conductor. The size of this eddy current is directly reflected by the reflection impedance effect and finally reflects the thickness of the non-conductive coating on the conductive substrate. .

Of course, if you want to use a corrosion thickness gauge that is both scientific and cost-effective for a long time, you must correctly recognize its use method and strictly follow what requirements to operate during use:

How to use paint coating thickness gauge correctly?

During the measurement process, it is necessary to ensure that the probe is placed stably, otherwise the measured value will be greatly deviated from the actual value.

  1. In order to make the measurement more accurate, you can measure multiple times at one point and calculate the average value as the final measurement result.

  2. When testing, the probe must not be scratched on the measured surface. This will easily cause damage to the paint coating thickness gauge probe.

  3. It is very important not to measure when the coating is not dry. Many customers often take measurements when the coating is not dry, which causes the probe to stick to the paint and then the paint is washed away with xylene or the like. Then use it. If you do this, the serious situation is that the paint coating thickness gauge probe is directly scrapped. Even if it is not scrapped, the sensitivity of the probe will be greatly reduced and the service life of the probe will be reduced.
    Only by mastering the basic principles of the paint coating thickness gauge and obeying the rules in the actual operation process, can the paint coating thickness gauge serve us well and create great economic value!