Application and Operation of Paint Film Thickness Gauge

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In daily life, we will inevitably encounter some bumps when driving for a long time. Even the old drivers who have the best driving skills can not completely prevent rubbing. When the car is rubbed, it is necessary to spray paint for repair. The sprayed paint is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. At this time, a paint film thickness gauge is used.

The function of the paint film thickness gauge is simply to nondestructively measure the the car paint coating thickness and use this to determine whether the car paint has been repaired. In most cases, the roof of a car will not be painted. The initial data measured by the paint film thickness gauge is generally the original car coating thickness. After measuring the roof data, we measure the data at other locations. If it is similar to the data on the roof, the error is within 40μm, which means that the car has not been painted.

Not only can the thickness of the car paint be measured, the paint film thickness gauge can also check the material of the cover and determine whether the cover has been replaced, so it is also an essential artifact when buying used cars. When the vehicle collides, the car body will deform and sag. Although these metal parts are repaired but the surface won’t be smooth any longer. You need to scrape a layer of putty to level and then polish and paint. In this case it can be measured with a paint film thickness gauge. If the body cover is just spray-painted, then the scratch is not serious. If the body cover or the parts of the body frame have a putty phenomenon, it is repaired by sheet metal, indicating that it may have been impacted and caused the car to deform. Therefore, when buying a second-hand car, you must pay attention to the location of the putty and you must ensure that the body frame is not damaged.

After understanding the function of the paint film thickness gauge, you also need to know how to use the paint film thickness gauge. Before using the paint film thickness gauge, you must first calibrate the instrument and understand the coating thickness of the car. Then, the paint film thickness gauge is also very simple. Press the probe vertically on the surface of the car and the car coating thickness will be displayed directly on the interface of the instrument. The car paint thickness can be obtained in 0.5s. Finally, a comparison can be made based on the measured data to determine if the car has been repaired.

LS220B paint film thickness gauge

In short, the paint film thickness gauge plays a very important role in detecting the car paint thickness and determining whether the car's cover is replaced. Therefore, understand the application of the paint film thickness gauge and master the use of the paint film thickness gauge can help us make the right choice when buying a used car.